Total Knowledge – BI provides web based tools, allowing all your employees, from simple workers up to high level managers, to add, update and review information according to their needs, position and permissions.

We create tracking tools, notification systems, data analysis, reports, and many other things, aimed at helping you manage your company better, know what goes on at any time, and use the power of information to the maximum.

Our tools rely on simple and familiar UI’s (website look and feel), making them easy to learn and use for any type of employee.

We believe that tools you use everyday should be:

  • Simple
  • Intuitive
  • Clear
  • Require minimal employee input
  • Add minimal overhead to processes
  • Generate instant results

By default, our web based tools and the information they hold, are available to all your employees on your network only (intranet), and are not accessible from the world-wide-web.

Project Management

We can create a project management system just for you. Create new projects according to your needs, add stages and tasks to the project, assign them to specific employees and follow the project’s progress at any given time.

Allow your employees to update their task's progress, attach relevant documents and add comments online.

We will create automated e-mail notifications reminding employees about their pending tasks and managers about where their approval or intervention is needed.

View project's reports online or receive them once a day/week/month by e-mail.

With the information gathered we can help you build reports analyzing your performance according to your definitions.

We make tools that help you manage projects better

Computerized Production Floor

We can build a Computerized Production Floor tailor made to your process. Create BOMs (Bill of Material), define work stations, process flow and material routing. Send work orders to the production floor and follow up on their execution.

Allow your employees to report their progress online and replace their paperwork with online reports.

Let managers follow up on production progress from their office, learn about work orders behind schedule or anything out of the ordinary via automated e-mail notification as requested by you.

We will help you gather manufacturing information like production times, material defects in process, production progress, etc.

Based on the information we will perform data analysis and produce beautiful and professional reports like standard vs. actual production times, materials and costs, defects analysis, station's efficiency, etc. all available to you with a click of a button or via e-mail.

We build tools that help you run your production better

Designed Reports

We can create beautiful and professional reports and data visualization according to your needs.

We can use your current ERP system or help you build a system to gather the information you want and don't have.

We can create online dashboards and reports - always up-to-date with the current information.

Generate reports online, send and receive reports by e-mail, or create a report distribution according to a schedule and a recipient list.

We can help you understand the information better

If you are interested in services Total Knowledge - BI can provide or have any other questions, please send us your request.

We will make it happen!